Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why am I so awkward?

Ah. A question for the masses. 

I want people to think I'm normal. Feeling normal is nice sometimes, but sadly I'm just not normal. 
Psychology says I can blame my parents, more specifically my mother. I probably shouldn't do that. I think I've blamed them enough.

There are some people that I really just want to act naturally with, but every time they're around, I either find myself saying things that definitely do not make sense, or I find myself not saying anything at all and looking up at the ceiling or basically anywhere that means I won't have to directly at look at them. 

It is nice to know that at least some people have been able to love me, despite my weirdness.
 And then there's David who seems to love me because of my weirdness. ( I could be putting words into his mouth. I like to do that. A lot.)
He's probably weird too.

In other news:
My sister sent me this song the other day and it really makes me happy. 

Enjoy :)

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