Saturday, August 11, 2012

Witty blog title that knocks your socks off

I can't believe my last post was about school! I have been horrible at keeping up with my blog... or basically anything social these days. I really have no excuse for my antisocialness except that I like to turn my brain off when I'm at home. It really is a terrible sight... and extremely dangerous.

Here is a little about what has been going on:
  • School- Totally non-existent now. I graduated! Woot! A special thanks to my family for coming and enduring the super long ceremony.  I am especially grateful that my family traveled the excruciatingly long trip from Texas. Yuck! Sorry, guys! It is going to be so weird not starting up again later this month. This will be the first time in my school career that I will not be going back. Crazy! So here are some pictures from graduation. More were taken, but I haven't received the pictures yet (Jamie, mom, I would like these at your earliest convenience. Thanks!)

  • We also had the baby shower when my family was down in May. It was super cute! Thank you so much, Lisa and Amy for putting it together! You ladies are amazing! Pictures also to come once I get them. For now, you'll just have to take my word for it regarding the cuteness. We are so grateful for all the gifts and support we have been given. We are truly blessed to know such amazing people.
  •  Work: I can't believe I have a grownup job. Yes, that's right. Grownup. This is what I have been going to school for all these years. Speaking of school, I realized that school didn't prepare me for this job. Surprise, surprise. Sometimes work becomes stressful and at times I really feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. Scratch that, I feel that way most of the time. "Oh.. yes.. I see you are playing with that puppet there. Ah yes, his name is John, you say? Why John? Oh.. what is John doing now? Aw, John committed suicide? Uh...*Crap! What now?! What now?! This is important, but what do I say now?!"* Not to mention the fact that stuff like this often happens in Spanish! My Spanish is improving a great deal, but I'm still not 100% in this area.
  • However, I've realized that it's like what I've heard at least a thousand times in school- the therapeutic relationship is the most important tool I have. Yes, there are times when I think, "What the heck am I doing? I don't know how to help this kid! I am not specialized in this area. In fact, I have absolutely no experience in this area! Oh, a 3 year old that doesn't speak, you say?". So what do I do? I look it up! I read some books and do my research ("Go away, read some books." Sorry. Nacho Libre quote. Again, the brain is off. I cannot be blamed for my words or actions). Sometimes I get frustrated because I really want to help these families. I want to make their time worth it. However, I often have to remind myself that change doesn't come through me. I can only lend a hearing ear and make suggestions. The change doesn't happen because of me and I definitely can't force it. This job really has helped me learn so much about the kind of parent I want to be and just how important it is for individuals to feel loved, valued, and heard.  I'm learning that it doesn't always matter what you say. Often it is just enough that you're willing to listen.

Oh how the time flies:

Time has been going by so quickly!  I am in my third trimester and there's so much to do! I can't believe I am just 6 weeks away from the due date. 6 weeks! Eek! Hello anxiety! At least I can say the nursery is almost done, minus the finishing touches that I have been procrastinating. Pictures to come soon! I am so excited!

The last ultrasound is just 2 weeks away. I can't believe it! It seems like only yesterday she was our little frijole. Now she has a name and I'd say a personality as well. When she doesn't like something my bladder knows it. "Oh, London, you want me to give the song a thumbs down on Pandora? Will do! Now please stop punching my bladder." 

As my belly grows and grows and grows... and grows, I realize more and more that this baby actually exists and that those pokes and nudges are not because of something I ate.  Yes, I am a little slow in this realization. It's amazing to see how much David and I already love this baby, and I can tell my mom is in love with her as well- She's very vocal about her love for "her baby"-Hands off! She's mine! (...and David's). I'm so excited to meet this little girl that has already totally altered my sleeping patterns. It's funny how nature starts preparing you for motherhood. Sleep? What is that? Oh, you mean what I feel like doing at 1:00 in the afternoon but often find myself not doing at 3 or 4 in the morning?  And yes, it is actually 4 in the morning and I haven't seen the bed in a good hour. At least pretty soon I'll get to be up at 1 and 2 and 3 and 4  and 5 and 6... holding our little girl. I'll take that!

Well that's all for now. I'll be sure to make another blog post soon. Maybe when London graduates from college or something.


  1. You are just as full Of life and funny as always. I miss the Moses girls and so much has happened. I'm super excited for you and your hubby to welcome the joy of a child. I love the nane London! Great choice!!! The only request I must have is baby bump pics!!! The last one I saw was wwwwaaaaayyyyyy in the beginning of the first trimester!
    Anyway, glad to see u doing so well and congrats on your marriage, graduation, baby, and job!!
    Tracie Gibbs

  2. Hey sis,
    I just wish to let u know those children whom are needing your help, just need a friend and someone to listen. Don't doubt yourself, both u and Jamie have chosen a career that leads with your heart. I'm happy for u both. Your both caring angels, and your efforts are making a difference. I'm proud of u both, and miss u. We send all our love and prayers, your bro. Jarrod. I heart u!


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