Sunday, July 24, 2011

R is for Red

A dress I made from some extra materials from my parent's house. It's my candy striper dress. (I had to make sure to put in only one P haha. That would've been embarrassing. and awkward.)

and B is for burnt! 
My face is a little bit of both!

My work required me to stay outside and play by the pool for 3 1/2 hours yesterday. 
Darn that work!

Believe me, my job isn't always so nice. 
Take this last week for example.
Jenny at a daycare. with. 4-year-olds.
Doesn't that sound like an exciting time?
 I really did learn so much.
I learned that cake can make you pregnant.
I knew that cake could be bad for your figure, but WHOA!

I learned that 4- year-olds can teach you how to dougie.

I learned that you can be best friends with somebody without even knowing their name or absolutely anything about them.

If you let one kid sit in your lap, you better be prepared to have about 2 or 3 more try and get in your lap too!
AND, I learned that some of the world's cutest kids can throw some of the world's biggest tantrums.
I kept telling myself that my kids will never be like this. Oh, how I hope they will never be that that.


  1. I am absolutely in love with that dress. It is beautiful and it is perfect on you! You are so gorgeous and we miss you guys!!

  2. Sooo true! I love the dress and the life lessons from 4 year olds!

  3. You look cute. You didn't mention you'd made another dress. You crafty girl

  4. I love the dress! I expect you to teach me how to dougie next! Lol!

  5. You look like you'd make a great Santas helper. Way, cute. I must agree! Lake Fashion's should be hitting the stores very soon! Luv ya, your bro. Jarrod.


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