Monday, September 20, 2010

Ah, the weekend

Why must weekends end? It's seriously torture. I woke up this morning feeling like absolute death. Death I tell you! I was tossing and turning thinking about boots-yes.. boots. I lost my favorite pair of boots last night thanks to a family pet (I still love you, Marley) and it was heartbreaking! I looked and looked at website after website for my new favorite pair of boots and only a few have come close to being an option. I found myself awake at 3 this morning thinking about boots and the lyrics to a song by the Format (I have no idea how the Format got in there). From there, my brain just wouldn't shut up. How is that I can sit in class for hours and hours (and HOURS) at a time and my brain can shut off just fine, but then when I'm asleep it's hyperactive? Something seems wrong with that if you ask me.

Here's a picture of a pair I am seriously thinking about getting. (I hope the picture works)

So here I was devastated about my boots, but I didn't want to show it because it was my in-law's dog that did it. It's not their fault that the dog ate them. Well, he actually only ate the toe of one, but I honestly can't just walk around with only one boot... right? Don't think it didn't cross my mind, though. I should've just been responsible and put the shoes in another room (like David did with his), which is totally what my mom would've told me to do. 
Ah, oh well. This is probably a lesson telling me I shouldn't be so materialistic anyway.

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