Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Color me guilty

What color would guilt be?
A part of me thinks maybe orange because of orange jumpsuits.
We'll stick with orange.

Guilts of the week:

*Not cleaning, even though this house definitely needs it.
*Being a total slacker in school. That reminds me that I have some reading to do for tomorrow. 
*Being a selfish wife.
*Having the attention span of a child.
*Following a blog of a girl that I totally dislike just so that I can attempt to win one of her daily giveaways. 
* I have not been nice or all that pleasant lately (Poor husband). 

Goal for the week:

To be a much better Jenny.


  1. awesome goals! I totally follow blogs just to see if I can win the awesome giveaway! Oh well, its not hurting anyone right?!

    The Smith Circle

  2. Lol I follow that girl too and I saw a comment of yours there and i thought of you! I haven't tried entering into a giveaway though... The odds of me getting anything is highly unlikely. (but that's just my luck, I think.)

    Ps. Will you txt me? I don't have your # and I'd live to chat with you :D



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