Thursday, March 15, 2012

I must be a baker because there's a bun in the oven!

 It seems like forever since I last posted a real blog post.  I have been writing things, just never got around to posting them... If you haven't heard the news, David and I are going to have a baby in September. The baby is due for either the 19th or the 20th. I've been receiving mixed messages from people, but I figure it doesn't matter because the baby is going to come when it wants.  David and I are super excited to hold this baby in our arms.  Life has been pretty hectic, but I really want to document the progress :)

Week: 7
How big is baby Lake: The size of a kidney bean
Thoughts/Feelings This Week: I'm so nervous about my doctor appointment. I am scheduled to meet with the doctor for my 8th week ultrasound. I sure hope baby is in there, otherwise I will be a sad Jenny.  It seems like this appointment will never come! So far no real morning sickness; however, I am expecting for it to come because I have a natural talent for feeling nauseous for just about every occasion. What can I say? It's a gift.
Dear baby, I hope you are doing okay :)

Week: 13
How big is baby Lake: About the size of a peach or a lemon
Thoughts/Feelings This Week: Grow, baby! Grow! I can't wait to find out the sex of the baby, but I know that I will love and squeeze this baby regardless if it's a boy or a girl! Just a few more weeks until we found out! We are almost through with the first trimester. I am actually really surprised at how fast things have been moving. I have been super busy with school and my internship, so at least I have that as a distraction for now.  It looks like my morning sickness won't be so bad! I have only had bad reactions to the smell and consumption of Mexican food, but that doesn't seem to keep me from it....I've also had the worst indigestion ever, the tiniest bladder, the foggiest brain, and the most unbearable fatigue, but things seem to be getting a lot better! I will happily welcome the second trimester. Woot!

Also, a couple of weeks ago we decided to make our first big baby buy and bought the crib! We are really impressed with the quality and the price. This crib is adjustable, which will be nice when the babes gets bigger.  I am so excited to start decorating!
        **Just a note: When I say "babes" I mean just one babe, but I have this weird thing where I like to pluralize words sometimes.  When I first told my parents, my mom thought I was having twins. Heavens to Betsy, no!


  1. Yay for baby Lake! And, again, you are going to be the cutest pregnant lady ever!

  2. You've been tagged!


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