Monday, July 18, 2011

Just like a brave little toaster!

 So we wanted a nice couch. I wanted one to complement our purple wall, but that could be versatile in case I get over my purple, yellow, lime green, turquoise phase. 
We decided to go with red.
Beige would've been a safe bet, but since our walls are mostly beige. I was a little beiged out.

See: This is our purple wall. I'm kind of in a bird phase too.

 Today our couches were delivered. I was so excited! I have been waiting for 2 years for brand new couches! We have this old beige couch that is so sad looking.
David was at work, leaving little ol' me to get the couches upstairs/ the elevator by myself. Thank goodness, there was FIL to the rescue! If I had a picture of him, I would draw a superman cape on him. He was awesome! There was no way I could've done that by myself!
So here are the couches. They're brighter than we thought they were going to be. I'm just a little nervous that they look weird. I know they're a little bold. But I thought it could work. Does it work? I sure hope so! If not... too bad. haha.  I assembled these babies all on my own!
I'm hoping these red couches will become less of a shock when I see them from now on. David says he likes them. Whether he's lying or not, I'll take it! For my interior design friends out there. What could I do to tie it all together? I was thinking more red in the rest of the living room and more purple on the couches themselves. We have a rug that has red, purple, light blue, and some other colors that really seem to bring it all together, but we need just a little more red. Any ideas? If not.. I'm red to start grabbing anything paintable and paint it red!

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  1. I love purple & red together so no problem to me. :) But you could add some art thats mainly red, or cover lampshades with red fabric. Maybe acquire some red accessories and/or chatchkies (sp).
    I just bought a small couch for my studio in the same red and I love it. Red is my color for 2012. Enjoy!


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