Saturday, April 28, 2012

Instead of working on my very last paper.

I have one paper to go in my MSW career, but I feel a post is necessary at this time, so oh well!
Thursday was a great day! I finished my last day at the internship and most importantly, we were able to see our little one-our little girl!
I have to admit, David and I were a little sad that little Jonah doesn't exist yet. I've been imagining a little boy with David's dimples and my darker skin for quite some time now.  However, the more we saw of that little girl, the more excited we became to meet her.  We are in love with her already and I am so excited to get started on preparing the nursery for our newest addition to the family!

Chair from my grandmother's that I painted for the nursery
Our little girl's feet! (Hopefully there's only 10 toes and not 12)


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