Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Special memories from the spare bedroom

I was doing some yoga stretches in the spare bedroom when I spotted my wedding dress in the closet. Perhaps I was struck by curiosity, wondering if I could still squeeze my body into that dress that once comfortably fit my parasite/sickness-slimmed body from my recent 3-month stay in Peru.  Perhaps I was drawn to it due to the talk of wedding plans for my newly engaged friend, Amy. Maybe I felt bad for my dress and felt the need to rescue it from the depths of that dark, lonely closet. Whatever it was, something made me want to pull that dress out and put it on.
To my surprise (and delight) the dress fit! The thought came into my mind that my dress was missing the bustier and slip that could take up some room, causing me not to fit into the dress, but I was quick to rid my mind of those thoughts!

When I put on my dress, I decided to show my husband. At first I was really excited to show him that I could still fit in it, but I suddenly became emotional. I'm not sure what sparked it exactly, but as I looked at myself in the mirror, I was flooded with memories of our wedding day. Most of the day is a blur for both David and I, but I remember some beautiful moments like seeing David before the ceremony and having that overwhelming feeling that everything was as it should be and everything was going to work out, just like the feeling I had when I prayed about whether or not to marry David. I also remember that moment when my dad walked into the sealing room at the temple and I just cried because I knew that dad was proud of me and loved me. And of course, the best moment of all, I remember kneeling across from David and feeling excitement, fear, and joy at the same time.

I look back at those days and think of how fun it was to be new to each other, but I'm glad we aren't at that point in our lives anymore. We've had so many great times since then. Some hard times too, but I always had my best friend with me through it all. We've come a long way and still have quite the journey ahead of us. I can't help but feel excitement, fear, and joy all at the same time when I think of all the adventures we have ahead. 


  1. Great post Jenny! I hope to have such fond memories and thoughts about marriage one day. You have a great way of writing that invites everyone into your life and lets those that know you get to know you in a different way. I'd love your blog even if I didn't know you in person! But since I get the best of both worlds I have to say I just love knowing you altogether :)


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