Thursday, December 8, 2011

In a State Called Indifference

It's amazing how apathetic I've become now that classes are over. I STILL HAVE 2 MORE ASSIGNMENTS TO DO!!! AAAAH! I'd much rather hang out at home, stuff my face, and hang out in my robe/underwear and house shoes all day. Attractive, I know. David just loves what I've doing with my hair these days. I've been sporting what I like to call a messy-knotty-all over the place-bun.
I had high hopes for today. Oh, yes! I was going to finish my book on my phone- (Can I just say that I have read 6 books since Thanksgiving? None of which have been educational in any way. YAY!). 

What I was going to do today:

Clean the house.

Go to the grocery store because I have managed to dodge that place for weeks! Our fridge looking pretty sad. I know our Brita and condiments are feeling pretty lonely.

Drop off my books I rented for school.

Go to the bank- I have been meaning to go for over a month!

Work on my last two assignments that are due this next week.

Here is what I actually did today:
I uh... put some toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet bowl. That's progress, right?

I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. It only took me 3 hours because I kept leaving it to do something else... or absolutely nothing. Either one.

I finished my book. I totally cried by the way. I'm so lame! I refuse to disclose much more because the book was so cheesy, but I loved every minute of it, I tell you!

I showered.

I got dressed. (Huge progress!)

I did my hair....sort of.  Eh, good enough.

I complained for a good 5 minutes that I didn't want to go to the grocery store and that I couldn't make dinner because I was took weak from starvation.

My excuses for my lack of productivity:
I'm letting the dishes soak.

I'm letting the toilet...soak?
My laptop battery is dead and David has the plug. David is at school taking a final so I guess I'll just to wait until he gets back. I guess that means I can't do homework. Darn... Also, since my battery is dead, that means I can't drop off my books because I need to print out the shipping info, which I would retrieve and print using my laptop. Darn... there goes that idea. And I couldn't possible go to the grocery store without dropping off my books! Fedex is so close to Fry's! I couldn't possibly waste my time and gas by making 2 trips!

I'm tired.

I'm weak from starvation.

David is now here. My computer is charged. Dinner is complete and eaten. 3 hours later and I still haven't even worked on my homework ( I did open a Microsoft Word document). And I still haven't gone to the grocery store.

Looks like I need a good kick in the pants. Being this lazy is making me feel gross, but I feel like I'm too far gone.  It's too late for me. Save yourself!

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