Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Knock Knock!

This is just a short little post. I will write more tomorrow.. or something. Perhaps the day later? We'll see. 
David said he noticed I don't get comments anymore and haven't for a while.  How embarrassing... 
So I'm asking:

Is anyone there?
Does anyone read these things?
Am I just wasting my time??

I remember starting this thing and for the longest time I wanted to write one but I thought, what would I even write about? Would anyone even read it? I mean.. it's not like my life is all that adventurous. Yeah.. I know.. my title kinda throws you off, doesn't it? It's more of an ironic title than anything else. Sorry.

And then I thought, Do I even want anyone to read it? I mean.. I embarrass myself enough. Do I really want to give myself more of an audience and more chances for people to laugh at me?

It has made me think, "well maybe I should just wait until I have kids".  My life will be more interesting then. Then I can torture the women who don't have kids yet with tons of awesomely adorable pictures of my kids, because it is not annoying at all (it actually really is annoying and it is not fair because I am super jealous). And OH YES, will they be awesome! David and I have already established that we will have adorable kids. There's no way around it! We will not settle for less! 
(just kidding. We'll take them even if they're just semi-adorable)

I have now gotten on a terrible tangent. 

MAYBE I should just wait until David and I have traveled the world together. I am sure people would find those interesting, right? OR maybe they'll hate me for being like "BAM! Look at all the cool places I've been to. Aren't you jealous?" Except, that really wouldn't be me, but it could possibly seem that way.

Another terrible tangent. 

Well for now here's some pictures of David and I in a few awesome places. 

Costa Rica





New York




  1. I am reading! You are so cute and you crack me up. I will read about your adventures, no matter what they are. But I DO like reading about kids!!!

  2. Yay! I am so glad you are reading!
    I appreciate it!
    When husband and I do have kids, we will totally write stuff about them.

  3. I'm reading! I still think of David as a good friend (even though we never talk. haha), and I love to see what's going on in both of your lives!

  4. I miss your face.. and this is the only way I get to see it now! :) So please... continue to do what you do!

  5. Umm...hello Mrs. Lake! You are not wasting your life! I never miss a post and even if you do go on tangents I always find them entertaining. Just remember, when you have kids you probably won't have the time to post your awesomespice thoughts like you do now, and yes, your kids will be freakin adorable...yep not just adorable, but freakin!!! adorable!!! Also know that you have much that others covet too. Even though you don't have cute snotty noses to wipe and adorable pics of children (not yet anyway) you still have a pretty sweet life :) And yes, I'm jealous of the places you've been ;)

  6. Hey Amy! You know, it's weird not seeing you like every day at school! I hope you're doing well! Thanks so much for reading my crazy blog posts!
    You're such a sweet woman! Thank you for your kind words :)

  7. I'm not sure anyone wants their mother-in-law (that sounds so scary) to read their blogs but I do. haha

  8. I don't know what you're talking about, Lisa. I'm glad you read my blog!


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