Monday, November 28, 2011

‘Tis the season to be busy!

I have gotten into a bad habit lately where I write blog posts and just never get around to posting them. Funny how that happens...

David’s birthday has come and gone *Yay, David!* He is now 26 years old! It's crazy to think he'll be needing a walker soon. Just jokes!  Poor David’s birthday is dangerously close to Thanksgiving (which is now getting overshadowed by Christmas), which is apparently something he has struggled with his entire life. He doesn’t want his birthday to get overshadowed, which is understandable.  I, personally, will not listen to Christmas music until December 1st. Listening to Santa Baby or Santa Claus is Coming to Town is only something I can take for maybe one month out of the year… if even that. Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas! I am not a Grinch, but come on…it really doesn’t matter to me whether or not Santa or Frosty come to town.  To me that’s not really what Christmas is about. Besides, I’m still mad at Santa and his reindeer for not eating my Reindeer food that I left for them when I was 4.  I will never forget the disappointment I felt when I ran outside and found my Reindeer hay was still on the porch uneaten. 

 I digress..

I really enjoyed planning David’s birthday and celebrating it with him. Hopefully he enjoyed it as well. On Sunday I cooked a traditional Brazilian meal called feijoada and brigadieros for dessert for David and the Lake and Grafs. Feijoada is a black bean stew with all sorts of meat, usually pork with the ears, snout, and all. That’s the dirty version, which I wasn’t up to try. Nothing like seeing a nose on your plate to curb your appetite I’d imagine.Then on Monday, which was actually his birthday, the Lakes and Grafs went to Mellow Mushroom to eat some amazing pizza. I just love their thick, buttery crust! Then after dinner we headed back to David and I's place for ice cream and gifts. David ended up with tons of church socks, which I know excited him beyond compare! That wasn't the only thing he got though, he also received some nice shirts, a waffle maker and all of the fixin's  for an awesome waffle breakfast (raspberry syrup and waffle mix). Here are some pictures from last Monday. I wish I would have taken more pictures. The ones we took gave us all really bright eyes. It makes us all look really creepy and none of my editing programs are fixing them.

I was pretty excited about the card I made. I worked really hard on it!

I just love this picture of David. He looks so cute!

This time of year can be so amazing-a break from classes, friends and family, not to mention the feasting. We must never forget the feasting! Unfortunately, what did I get to think about during this short Thanksgiving break? HOMEWORK AND PAPERS!  BLEH!  Sure, I went merry way and stuffed my face as much as possible, but there assignments were just hanging over my head like those lit up signs in Vegas that flash, “Girls! Girls! Girls!” in your face, but mine will be saying “No, you cannot enjoy your break. You have papers to write and take home final assignments to complete, you slacker!”  This is supposed to be a time of relaxation, correct? Wrong! Didn’t you know breaks are the opportune times to assign as much homework as possible?

Well I’ll showed you, assignments! I’m procrastinated and procrastinated so you couldn't ruin my break! I  put you off as much as possible just for spite and I enjoyed every minute of it, even if that means I'll experience intense panic and regret next week when all of my assignments are due. Oh, yes!

Oh how I yearn for the days when I can just go home and leave my work at work! But wait… no more breaks that last 2 or 3 weeks at a time? You mean…there could be times I will have to work on Thanksgiving or even Christmas?
What happened to the days when my only assignment was to color Santa’s face? I wasn’t even graded on whether or not I colored inside the lines, nor was I docked if his face was purple! Oh how I sometimes miss high school assignments….. Haha! Yes… that was in high school. I most definitely can attribute my intelligence to my shining years at Lone Oak High School where my young mind was shaped and molded in preparation for the world ahead….

New subject:

Thanksgiving was awesome! Lisa planned and cooked basically everything, which I loved and love her for! She's amazing and I definitely must say the food was amazing. We ate and ate and ATE! We weren't sure where we were going to have Thanksgiving this year because David's Utah grandparents were hit on the way down to AZ. We thought we were going to have to head to Page to see them in the hospital. Thank goodness they were okay. A few broken bones and bruises, but thankfully they were able to make it down and celebrate with us. Besides food and family, I also had time to take in some books while I was on break. I read 2 of the Hunger Games books, which kind of just sucked me in. I haven't been able to finish a book in quite a while so it was nice to finish 2 in just 2 days.  I also made a few crafts and went with the boys to the shooting range. I didn't shoot much because I lack skill, but it was fun watching them shoot.

Now I'm back to reality and it's not pleasant.  I have so much to do and I really just don't want to do it. Just about 1 1/2 more weeks to go!

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