Saturday, October 15, 2011

Big Lights. Big City. Basically Madness! Part 1

Sorry I haven't posted in forever. I've been super busy and blogging seems to take up too much energy.  Let's face it. I'm one of those that doesn't like to go above and beyond, usually. My sister took up all of those genes. Thanks a lot, Jamie! Love you, sis!

Prepare yourself, this is a long one.
This last week we took a trip to New York for a  few days. It was just us this time and it was a wonderful trip! We walked walked walked until our feet fell off.. and my back hurt so much it felt broken! (Apparently I have bad posture?)

Thursday: I went to the Suicide Prevention Coalition Conference for Valle (my internship). The speeches were interesting and the food was amazing. The free candy, notepads, and antibacterial spray was pretty awesome as well.  I was even able to leave during lunch to go home and get ready for our flight.  Good conference, I'd say! That antibacterial spray proved to be more than useful during our trip! At the airport I checked my email (I love technology) and received horrible news. The ASU residency office decided to reject my petition for residency. I was livid. To deny me because my husband and I aren't employed is not a good enough excuse. How many students can actually say they're financially independent? We own our home. We own our cars. We have money in savings. I'd say that's pretty good.  Anyway, that happened. Our trip wasn't off to a good start after that. We were then off to Newark to spend the night, since our flight was in the afternoon.

Friday: We woke up (late) and took the train to Penn Station. Our train "broke" on the way to the station, delaying us a good 2 hours.  We were told all the passengers needed to exit the train. When we successfully departed the train to catch the new one, we saw our old train leave the tracks with the majority of the passengers still on it. We ran up and down the same flights of stairs (with our bags) twice.  David was angry and my lungs were burning.  Fortunately,  the next train arrived within 10 minutes. We were lost for a good while trying to find the subway station to Chelsea, but eventually found our way to the Chelsea Savoy Hotel to drop off our bags. Our room was so narrow! There was just a little nook for the bed and that was it. It was a great deal with free breakfast and a close proximity to the subway, though. Good job, husband.

Then we decided to take in the sights. We saw:
Battery Park
The Statue of Liberty (She's not as big as I imagined. Still big, though)
Ellis Island
Ground Zero
Wall Street (Very smelly, and not as exciting as I thought it would be)
Times Square-at night (SUPER SUPER BUSY)
I'd say we did quite a bit on the first day.

Creeper Elmo

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