Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just some updates.

Just wanted to give a short update on what has been going on lately because I have been anti-blogs lately.

1. David and I have officially been together for 3 years now. Crazy, eh? But not THAT crazy.
2. I am super addicted to Lost. Yes, I know. I'm only 6 years late. In my defense, certain individuals who will remain nameless, first became addicted and then sucked me into it. You know who you are.
3. I just got my last 2 wisdom teeth pulled this weekend. Oh, holy night, how I was not looking forward to that! This time I was definitely more cautious and didn't try to eat Mexican food the next day. Dry sockets are extremely painful!
4. My sister turned 25 this last weekend! What an oldie!
5. I recently took up a small embroidery/sewing project. Hopefully it doesn't look like a small child did it. I'm shooting for maybe a short adolescent, instead of a small child? Pictures to come later. I've had this skirt finished for over a week, but I just haven't posted a picture yet. I will try to do that sometime this year :)
I'm just hoping it doesn't look like Jenny's day out at the craft fair. You be the judge.
Just please try not to laugh too loudly as I pass by. I was being slightly ambitious. I blame Project Runway and $3/yard fabric!
6. 1 week and 1 day until NEW YORK! We have some tentative plans, but we're still open to ideas. The possibilities are endless, but the funds are limited. Any ideas of some cheapie activities that are still fun? We were thinking of seeing the Status of Liberty (of course, it's hard to miss I imagine), the Empire State Building,  attending the museum, Central Park, Ground Zero, maybe a nice Broadway musical? David just downloaded this awesome app that gives you tons of ideas and the directions to all of the big sites-AWESOME!
Then of course there's food. Who could forget that? I, unfortunately, cannot and my thighs won't forgive me for it!
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated :)
7. School. School. School. Nothing new with that. I've only been doing that for 18 years of my life-that's including Pre-K. Oh, Pre-K- so full of lies and deceit! That was definitely not an ice skating rink. That was wax paper!
8. I gave myself a haircut the other day. I said goodbye to 2, maybe 3 inches of scraggly hair. I'm so bored with my hair again. Just before school started I did the Ombre thing. Super cute, but I'm looking for something a little more drastic. Any ideas? I've decided to grow my bangs out and I totally hate it. Front bangs make my face look chubby and I've had side bangs since late middle school/early high school. Time for a change, I'd say.
9. I killed my iphone this last weekend. It looks like a spider tried to make a web on my screen.  Poor thing! I had to use my upgrade to get an Iphone 4.  Darn... :)
10. On Friday, we saw the D-backs win against the Giants. I have to admit that it was pretty exciting towards the end.  I usually try not to support David's sport watching TOO much, but I don't mind watching games when I'm actually at the game.  Sports announcers are so annoying.
11. D and I babysat our 1 year old niece on Saturday. She is a crazy, crazy girl! She was so much fun to watch, though. I have to admit, it makes me super excited that she knows who I am and calls me "Nana" (pronounced nah-nah). 

That's about it for now. I am actually surprised that I got over 11 things listed!


  1. i will ask angie where the best places are to eat that are affordable. also, everytime you ask for hair advice i'll always say, i think you would look amazing with medium/short hair.

  2. do you ever read "cup of jo"? ( it's one of my favorite blogs! she just so happens to be doing a "tour of nyc" on her blog this week! check it out! i'm sooo excited (and jealous!;)) of your trip to nyc! you will love it. my favorite things there are the food and shopping...

    i think your hair is so pretty! (but i'm sure whatever you do will look great...)

    let's get together again soon! maybe after you trip??:)

  3. Thank you, ladies! I appreciate the help!

    Chaz- We shall do something :) Sounds great! We're looking forward to it.

  4. Love your updates. Your blog is so follow mine! Have a good weekend:)


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