Saturday, October 15, 2011

Big Lights. Big City. Basically Madness! Part 2

I just wrote all of this, and now I'm having to redo it because apparently my post was too long. Thanks, Blogger. This only took me hours to do. David just witnessed me have a fit over it. :) I guess I'm over it now.

Saturday: More touring-
Times Square (Second biggest Forever 21 of my life located here) This place was so busy. I tried to avoid this area as much as possible.
Phantom of the Opera on Broadway!!! I'm usually not much for musicals. I usually imagine those "show your jazz hands" type of musicals.  This definitely was not. It was amazing.
5th Avenue (I went to the biggest Forever 21 of my life! It was seriously 6 stories. You can bet your britches that I took David to every. single. floor)

Now that's a Rice Krispie Treat!
David just LOVES taking pictures

 Sunday: Church (This building was really cool because on the 3rd floor was where there was church held, but connected to the church was also the temple!)
Central Park (Biggest park of my life) David wanted to take a "stroll" through Central Park. Yeah right! There is no such thing, I tell you. No such thing.
Museum of Natural History: Entry is free the last hour. David loves dinosaurs (and I do too) so I had no problem with just seeing dinosaurs. While seeing these magnificent beasts, I couldn't help but feel bad for them. Those thoughts quickly subsided when I saw the size of the T-Rex's teeth. Sorry guys, you had to go! 

David wanted to play it like on Big. Poor guy didn't get the chance.

Empire State Building (What do you know? It was actually very tall!)
United Nations- At first, I really didn't want to go here; however, I didn't voice this until we had already walked 16 blocks. We had 3 hours to spare, so I figured what the hey! It turned out to be very interesting. I may even have learned something. What do you know?! It was also funny seeing some of the non-American tourists take pictures with the security guard while the security guard told them to back away, but they couldn't understand because they didn't speak English.
NBC Tour-Some real Nazis in this place. Tourists were warned that cellphones, photos, and sketches were not prohibited. David and I joked that the tourists must also be sure to turn off all photographic memory of any kind. This helped to lighten the mood after one of the extremely rude workers told me to get off the floor. My back was hurting to the extreme. If you don't want people sitting on the floors while they wait in line 30 minutes before the show starts because you insist that if we do not show up at least 30 minutes early that we are late, then please provide appropriate seating. Thank you. I thought it was amazing how they made the studios seem so much bigger on t.v. than they actually are. We stood in Dr. Oz's studio and I couldn't help but think about the poop and pee episode that aired only a few weeks ago. I learned so much about myself on that episode. Haha. Kidding. It was interesting, though.
Magnolia Bakery- This lovely little shop was recommended by my darling friend, Amy.  Apparently this place is famous? We didn't realize it until we walked in and saw people blocking the registers because they were taking pictures of the place. I heard it was on Sex and the City? I don't know, but I do know that I loved those cupcakes. For almost $4, those babies better be amazing. (David said $4 is sexier than $3.50. I have no idea what he meant there. He's such a silly man.) David made the mistake of getting the red velvet cupcake (Not to offend you red velvet lovers ). He said it was still good, but there is no way it was as good as my vanilla-chocolate swirl cupcake. Oh David, don't you know that it's just vanilla flavoring with red coloring? Actually, he did not because I googled it just before this post. I think any dessert that doesn't involve chocolate or raspberries (preferably both) is a waste. Thank you for the lovely recommendation, Amy :)

Grand Central Station- This place made me want to break out in dance.

Tuesday: Our last few hours (tear*). We were sure to wake up early this morning so that we could make it in time. We were so excited to see that we were on there for a few seconds. David was able to get on t.v. for a  lot longer because they stood right in front of us to interview some contestants from Biggest Loser. After the show was over, Ann Curry stayed for well over an hour to speak to the fans. I was so impressed by her. Before I knew it (an hour later) she was right beside us talking to some old people from Colorado about how she had to interview a talking dog and then interviewed Mamoud Ahmadenijad. She spoke to them for what seemed like forever and then asked if she could take a picture with us. I thought, UH... H yes! but I tried to remain calm and instead said, "Oh, yes please! We were about to ask you the same thing! I just think you are wonderful!" I was starstruck. She seemed to think I wasn't that crazy because she hugged me. She even gave us marriage advice, which I thought was really cute. (As if we need it! Kidding) I was so elated after speaking with her.  I may have even walked skipped away squealing in excitement and awe.

It was a wonderful trip. Although I walked walked walked until my feet (and back) almost fell off, I really had fun. The trip home tried to devastate us due to delays and rude NJ Transit workers, but to no avail.


  1. Sounds like quiet the memorable trip! How amazing that you two got to do that together! :)

  2. A.MAZING!
    Ann Curry?? AWESOME. You guys look adorable in the city!

  3. Sounds like a fun trip! I love New York. Magnolia is so good! Next time you go, get the banana pudding. MMMMMM. Miss you two! (and your mom)

  4. Being originally from NJ, i completely understand when you say rude NJ transit workers. Those people need to learn to smile once in awhile! That's why I escaped to AZ, where people seem way more friendly.
    On the other hand, a 6 story Forever 21...It's like heaven.
    Sounds like such a great trip!


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