Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dance while you can. Dance 'cause you must.

I think the radio has made me lose some of the appreciation I once had for music. I know. This post makes me sound like some sort of music snob, doesn't it? I can promise you, my music is amazing ( I'm kidding. It is pretty great, though). (You know you like it, David! You will enjoy my music one of these days. Just kidding. We've agreed to disagree).
It really is sad what is called music these days. It really is depressing. Songs about people lusting after aliens, getting drunk and forgetting what you've done, and just very dirty lyrics in general. Where are the lyrics with depth and meaning, people!?

Not only do I get annoyed every time I turn on the radio, but those horrible songs get stuck in your head for days even if you just barely heard some of the song. It's like Stephen King's worst nightmare come true happening inside your mind! (Insert Twilight Zone music here...or some other kind of creepy music)

I've recently found some new favorites and it's amazing the feelings that good music can bring. Music that doesn't have to be about sex or how much money someone has. It's just music that makes you want to dance and feel free and alive.  This is something that I have sort of forgotten in the past year or so. I really am happy that there are people out there who can sing a heck of a lot better than me and inherited some musical gene. I can honestly say that I did not. That year or two of a guitar phase helped me to realize that I just am not musically talented. I really am grateful that there are people out there that are, though.

If for some reason you read this entire post... good for you! I was just bored. This post was basically pointless. Sorry. 


  1. I want to know what music you like! I'm always up for trying new stuff. I get stuck in my musical rut of the same things over and over.

  2. I agree with Ashlee... where is said music that has saved you from the radio ho's??? :) There are some really horrible songs that always get stuck in my head.. I totally know what you mean!!


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