Monday, August 8, 2011

Have dreams, will travel

You know how my blog title says this blog is supposed to mention something about super awesome adventures? Did you realize that recently that has been a lie? Well not anymore folks! I took a trip to Hawaii with the Lake fam.
It was super. It was awesome. It was adventurous. It was superly awesome and adventurous. 

(Don't worry, these aren't all of my pictures)

Saturday- Early morning. Worries Sammie (our fishy) wasn't going to last an entire week without food! Airplane food.  What's up with that? (What flavor is this muffin? Lemon? Pineapple? Orange? Orange pineapple.)
Landed in Honalulu!
Flew over to Kauai (shortest flight ever=my favorite).

Sunday- Woke up with a cold. Sacrament meeting. Ono Burger! (Teriyaki burger with swiss cheese and pineapple!!). Only negative... eating an amazing cheeseburger with stray chickens walking around by your eating area and their poop stench. Lighthouse!

Monday-Early morning zip lining! It was amazing, but oh so cold because it decided to rain right before we started. Cold+sickness+wet+nausea=no bueno. It stopped raining after a while and my nausea was gone. It was scary at first, but after a while the jitters were gone and I was able to just ride the cables from tree to tree. After an awesome time zip lining we played on the beach. Here's a tip: No matter how tan you think you are, or how easily you tan, you need sunblock in Hawaii! I am part Colombian and even a little bit Native American (Choctaw). I usually tan very easily and rarely burn. However, I received a burn on my back that basically made doing anything rather difficult. Poor David. He received the worst burning of his lifetime. The rest of the week consisted of aloe vera and lotion for poor David.

Look at that concentration! D and I are IN THE ZONE.
Before the sun totally made out with us. We got a little more than "sun kissed".

Tuesday: Beach and pool time! Spouting Horn

Wednesday-Beach and pool, snorkeling,

Thursday - Kayaking and hike

David and I's romantical evening. This was our most expensive date ever. We ate only appetizers, with the exception of a head of lettuce I ate with 5 bacon bits, 6 blue cheese crumbles, and 4 cherry tomatoes. What a salad. This is the kind of fancy smancy place where the plate is mainly decorations and the portions are less than filling.  Really great food, though. David felt so guilty that we didn't order a main course that he actually hesitated when the waiter asked if we wanted wine, coffee, tea, or a cappuccino while we waited for our dessert (I totally recommend the chocolate souffle with the raspberry sauce). David didn't want to seem cheap, so he pretended to leave it up to me as if those were actually options. He's such a silly kid. We ended the night with a stroll down the beach, a night on the lawn under the stars and then some time on the hammock (Our favorite spot). It was a beautiful time. I actually felt like we were back to the old David-and-Jenny-dating-days.

My dress I lengthened. I can actually sew in a straight line now! It took me forever, but I did it!

Pool time! Most of this time was spent stalking David's 15 year old brother, Matthew and his little girl friends. That's right. That was plural. He's such a ladies man. It was actually very entertaining. We made our own commentary and everything.

Dinner at Keoki's Paradise- Super amazing food!

My fancy non-alcoholic drink. I've always been jealous of those drinks with the fruit and the umbrellas. No umbrella, but still amazing.

Saturday: Traveling day. BOOO! We took the red eye and arrived back in the land o' Lakes (Arizona) at 1:17 in the a.m. It was a rough time. Good news: Sammie the fish is still alive! He's such a champ!

Going back to real life has been difficult. We really suffered from jet lag.  Now that my back side has basically doubled in size, I'm going to have to hit the gym hard and I mean hard! It is probably going to leave me badly bruised. On the plus side, only 3 more days of work and then I'm done for life. Yay! Just kidding.. I may work again :)


  1. It looks like you had so much fun!!

  2. it was fun looking at your pictures because Reed and I had been to most of the same places. Kaui is the perfect island!!!! What a romantic (yet sunburn painful) place to be!


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