Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anniversary Extravaganza

I've been meaning to write this blog post for a couple of days now. I'm such a slacker. Sorry!
This last weekend was D and I's 2 year anniversary.  We wanted to do the traditional dinner date, but since our anniversary actually landed on a Sunday, we did our date on Saturday. We got all gussied up and ate at Riazzi's, this cute Italian restaurant. Then it was dessert at Mojo, a family favorite! I just love their frozen yogurt way too much

After dessert we watched our wedding video.  This wedding video has never been fully watched by us. We've just never been able to get ourselves to watch the whole thing because we have been dreading watching certain parts that I'll expound on later. It was hilarious! The video consists of smooth jazz music and Enya.  I must mention that I did not pick any of the music for the video. The photographer said he would take care of all of it.  Another thing must be mentioned. The poor guy had obviously never photographed/videoed an LDS wedding day before. He videoed every prayer! Even my sister's 2 or 3 minute blessing on the food at the reception. But now I must talk about the most embarrassing parts. First, there was David and I's weird arm waving thing we did while we danced! There's also the part about how D and I talked the whole time during our dance because we were so nervous!  Or how we danced really far apart. We think it's because of those stake youth dances we used to attend. Then there's the super long song we picked to dance as our first dance.
AH! It's so embarrassing.
I had to fast forward through half of our dance, which means we STILL haven't watched the full video.

Sunday night date: 
So today I had no idea what was planned. It seemed it would be church as usual (even with me teaching the lesson to the young women).  Not that there's anything wrong with church...It just doesn't scream romantic in any way. Although, there have been couples who have whispered sweet nothings to each other while we're in sacrament meeting. Grosso! 
But... I digress.

So usually we go to D's parents' house for dinner, but since this was our anniversary we thought it might be a little lame if we showed up at his parents' house. Downside: I would have to cook dinner... or so I thought! Turns out David had dinner planned anyway!
Because the 2nd anniversary is supposed to be celebrated with something Chinese, David decided to make me Chinese food. YUM! He made my favorite-General Tao's chicken. Best. Date. Ever.
I was so proud of David's cooking. He seriously needs to cook more! I know he's been dodging furthering his cooking talent so that I will continue being the main cook, but I'm onto his scheme!
So back to the evening.
David made me hide out in the bedroom while he cooked. I had no idea what my surprise was until he called me in and I saw this:

I couldn't believe he did all this at first, but then I definitely could believe it.  I shouldn't have been surprised at all because he is seriously so sweet.
It was so beautiful that I cried- at least twice. 
It was the most perfect evening. 
We even redid our wedding dance. It's legit y'all!
We danced, we laughed, I cried. 
It was perfect.


  1. What a great little husband David is! I think he has learned romantic 101 from his dad!!! Love you both!

  2. ADORABLE! We went to Riazzi's this last anniversary too:) we love that place. Happy anniversary!

    So I know we always say this, but we really do need to meet up and have dinner or something! Maybe in the next couple weeks?? Let me know:)


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