Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who needs a pool to get a hot tan?

Uh.. I don't!
I thought about taking a picture of my awesome tan from girls camp, but I decided against it.
It's just too embarrassing.
My face is super dark, but only in certain areas that were not shaded by my eyebrows. But the hottest thing is how white my legs are compared to my arms and face.
What is also pretty attractive is being able to smell yourself even after taking a shower. Total hotty-hottness.

Besides being smelly, having weird tan lines, and irritating bug bites, girls camp was really fun!
It kind of makes the fits I made before camp seem pretty ridiculous. Oops! I guess husband was right. (**Fist shake!!**)

David was able to go with me first the first day and a half. He camped out with me and joined us on the hike.  I was so sad when he left... I may or may not have gotten a little emotional. This was our first camp out. Too bad it was with a bunch of teenage girls! It was definitely fun, though.

My job as a leader was surprisingly easy. I just love my 4th years. They are such amazing girls and were so willing to take care of their responsibilities without complaint.

It was kind of funny because I seemed to blend in with all of the girls. The quote of the week would have to be, "What year are you?". The girls just could not seem to believe that I was over the age of 18. What's new? No one seems to believe that I am older than I look. Hopefully that will pay off in the long run ;)

I am not 100% on whether or not these are bluebonnets, but I am calling them bluebonnets. I like to think it's a little bit of Texas following me to Arizona. 

Cute hubs laying on his cot :)

The view from the top of the rim

The 4th years on the hike down to camp

David joined us on the hike, which was really exciting! I am so glad that he was able to come. 

Me without my makeup... or a bathroom... or civilization. "It's a horror!"

What a mountain man! 

The 4th year platform

My sword I decorated. It went along with the theme. I had to carry it-honest! 

The craft area was falling apart. Pretty scary stuff!

Archery! Such fun 

My marshmallow gun targets!! It was actually a lot more fun shooting them than I thought it would be. 

Bungee jumping! This isn't exactly the type of thing I was thinking of, but it was definitely fun.  Here's one of the girls jumping. 

This "girly girl" was able to get to the tippy top on the intermediate level.  I may seem feminine, but I am not weak. This girl is from the South! - The sticks to be more exact. 

I just liked R'Angela's face on this one. 

Gory hike! This was REALLY cool! It gave the girls a chance to practice their first aid. I wish my ward/stake did this when I was at camp. 

Apparently gorillas need first aid too! 


  1. Looks like you had a blast!!!! Girls camp always had a love/hate relationship with me too! So I have to tell you I LOLed when I read the caption David laying on his cot. The print is really tiny on my phone screen and it looked like' david laying on his cat' I looked really hard for a cat but didn't see one anywhere so I had to zoom and reread it. I felt like a tard afterwards! And now I think I may need glasses...
    Love your posts Jenny! (and you too, of course!)

  2. We do have a cat that he'd be happy to lay on and smoosh to death though haha. Sounds like you did end up having some fun. And the best part. . .its over

  3. and yay I have pictures to scrapbook!!

  4. This is totally random, but I just googled "Gory Hike" and was looking for an LDS girl's camp that did this because I have heard of it but have no idea how to put one on. Do you have any details you could share or know someone I can email to get a script or layout of how it works??? That would SOOO great. I am kind of desperate at the moment. My email address is tiffanyrueckert(at) gmail(dot)com Thank you so much. I know this is totally random. Thank goodness for blogs! Your camp looks like a blast! I can' believe you have gone already!


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