Thursday, June 2, 2011

Right now I should be packing...

But instead I am totally distracted and avoiding packing completely.
I'm leaving for camp tomorrow. Girl's camp to be exact. I thought those days were behind me. Silly Jenny.

It's weird to think that I went to my first day of camp 10 years ago! 10!!! I think I still have about the same ( or less) level of enthusiasm for girls camp. I've been trying to muster up some enthusiasm for the past couple of months now, but to little avail. I could say, "Well... at least it's a vacation", BUT there are so many places that D and I could've gone to now that we both have jobs and can ACTUALLY afford it for once in our lives,  such as:
Texas (Oh how I miss that beautiful state and my family located in that beautiful state)
New York (Instead we are going in October-Woohoo! but still...)

This vacation should not require me getting up at 7:30 (or earlier)
This vacation should not entail the words, "insect repellant", "first aid kit", or "hike day".
This vacation should not require me to spend several nights in a tent (freezing and alone, btw).

I just can't help but think of that precious time that will be lost, but maybe it will be fun...
Maybe I just need to be a little more positive. Or even a little positive. Or at all positive.

Oh you lucky Y.W leaders who decided to just get pregnant right before they called people to be leaders for camp. I know your true intention was to not have to go to girls camp. (Totally kidding, but I have to tell this to myself so I can sleep well tonight.)
I'll be sure to wise up next year and make sure I'm good and pregnant so I can't go. Ha Ha. Jokes on you!

I guess I should be grateful. Apparently there are some people who would've liked to take my place. (Why didn't they take my place?) I guess I should be grateful that I have this opportunity to serve. Perhaps this is what I should do because I am given so much and returning so little. At least D gets to come tomorrow until Saturday morning.... Oh no! It appears my conscience is starting to kick in.
Looks like it's time to finish this post as quickly as possible before my conscience fully kicks in!


  1. Ohh Jenny!!!! Ohhh girls camp! Remember we became friends at girls camp????? Ohh saying that makes me miss you very much! We seemed like babies! We were babies! Holy moly! The realization of our youngness and how quickly grown-up-ness snuck up on us is quite scary! Holy Goodness gracious- I need to end this before I start typing expletives!
    I Love you Jenny!!!!

  2. Ashley!!! How funny! I totally remember those days! Camp is where I got to know more about you and realized that I wanted to be your friend. Good times! It really is crazy how grownup things just snuck up on us. It's actually kind of scary, isn't it?! When I saw your comment I totally laughed out loud because I totally know what you mean!

    I miss you! I hope you are doing amazingly!! I love you!


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