Saturday, May 28, 2011

Busy busy busy!

So lately I've been trying to branch out and do more with my life than just working, sleeping, and watching early morning t.v. Between episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Desperate Housewives, I was able to do this: (As you can see, I am definitely a beginner...)

This skirt I made out of some fabric I bought from The Goodwill (That's for you, Michelle and David!).  I will definitely have to sew an underlining, otherwise people are going to see a little too much of Jenny, haha. The skirt is far from perfect and may need some fixing... I definitely needed my MIL for this one! Oh well.. I'll wear it anyway.

This shirt I bought from Goodwill too, but it was super large. I trimmed it down on the sides and sewed the seam to fit. 

This shirt was too long to be a shirt and too short to be a dress so I cut it down to a desired length. 

This vase I got (FOR FREE) from my sister's wedding reception. I painted it blue and bought some flowers from IKEA. 

The red vase D and I got from our wedding. It was originally a shiny orangey yellow and didn't match anything so I painted it red. The green bottle and the yellow juice pitcher I bought from Goodwill to match the kitchen. 

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