Thursday, May 26, 2011

It will work out

I think Gordon B. Hinckley said that once. How true!For a while there, I was super excited about this job. I loved the atypical hours, the idea of the many positive changes I would make in the lives of those I work with, and how every day would be different. On top of all of those wonderful things, I would be getting paid better than I ever have in my whole working life.
Now, I dislike my job. Sure, I totally love the agency I work for. I love the many opportunities they provide for growth and training. Above all, I love the agency's premise and what they've done to help the lives of so many.
However, this job has me completely drained, I barely see my husband, and so far I have felt like crying 3 times this week while working and successfully sobbed to myself once this week. This job has me disliking children and almost considering not having any children myself.
After that period of excitement because of the adventures I was about to partake in and the magical feelings that a paycheck brings came the realization that this job was to be only a pitstop in my exciting career adventure because I still have one more year of my Master's; therefore I will be forced to quit. I was so sad at the time because I felt like my pursuit of an education was holding me back. Now I am completely relieved. Thank you, higher education! Maybe I'm just too sensitive. Maybe I'm just writing this out of anger and bitterness. Maybe one day I'll change my mind. Or maybe not?

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  1. Your job seems really challenging; it takes a strong woman to do it! (There's no way that I'd survive.) Hang in there, everything will work out and it's only for the summer, right? I'm sure you will help some kids along the way, too.


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