Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm like... so grown up!

Please imagine that phrase with the most annoying valley girl accent ever. 
That's basically how I feel right now.
Let me explain...

So I just finished my first year of grad school. GRAD SCHOOL- Totally rocked it by the way.
I just received my first grownup pay check- YAY!
With my new job, I totally feel like a mom. 
I'm constantly telling kids to be nicer to their siblings. For example..."Hey (so and so) put down that pair of scissors! Stop trying to stab with brother!" or "Hey (so and so). How's your day going? Good? Great! How about not kicking your brother today?"

I'm also constantly reminding kids to do their chores and even having to monitor them just to make sure they get done. I even had a kid say to me, "Well... can't I just ask you? You're a parent-type person anyway, right?"
Uh... no. I'm just paid to be here.

I'm also constantly driving kids around without a single "thank you" on most days. Let me tell you that I have the worst sense of direction. Some would probably say that I have no sense of direction...even with a GPS.  The other day I drove 15 minutes out of the way (speeding) and the kid didn't even bother to tell me that I was going the wrong way and that the place I was supposed to go to was only 3 minutes away from their house.  Cue: Anger. Disgust. Shame.

Ah. Birth control.

Those are just some of the grownupy things I've been doing lately. 

However, amongst all of these grownup things in my life-
marriage, life insurance, a real job,
  I still feel so young and inexperienced. 
I'm the youngest of 5, people!
I'm the baby in the family!!!
What happened to that?
I miss people telling me how to do things. Scratch that. I miss people not bothering to tell me how to do things and just doing it for me instead!
Instead I'm just thrown to the wolves!

There's no turning back.
What has my life become?

Oh well.. too late to panic now, right?

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  1. Ohhh Jenny! I love your dramatic sarcasm! I must say that it makes me laugh and brightens my day! I miss having your sillyness around :)
    What is your job btw? and High-Five for rocking your first year at grad school! You really are amazing & motivating!


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