Thursday, March 3, 2011

Strange dreams

Okay, most people who know me know I have really weird dreams. REALLY weird dreams. 
Dreams that I can usually remember in great detail.
Last night was one of those.
I had a dream that I found out I was pregnant. 
I didn't know I was pregnant until the baby was born. 
I remember being really nervous to tell my family. 
(For some reason, my family is never all that pleasant in my dreams.)
(Freud would probably have something to say about this, but I really do love my family. Just gotta throw that in there)

My parents mom would basically freak out if I was pregnant right now.
Apparently even my subconscious knows this.
So in my dream I had to tell my mom that not only was I pregnant, but I had already had the baby.
I had to explain that the baby was a complete accident and that I had no intention of having a baby at this time. 
My family then began to lecture me about how I should have tried harder because I needed to finish school first and actually have an income in order to support a family.

Then I was given a lecture about how my body would never be the same and was then checked to see if I had gained any weight. (Luckily for me in my dream, I hadn't.)
I remember riding next to David on a bus and whispering to him that we had a boy and how happy I was that he was a boy. 

I woke up from this crazy dream to realize that the baby was never even born and that I am in fact not pregnant. 
To be honest, this really made me sad.

I was also really sad that this poor little baby boy never even had a name and that I was ashamed of having him because I was worried what my family would think.

Although I know that some dreams are really crazy and weird and some do not mean anything, some dreams really can have meaning. 


  1. HAHA! I have had pregnant dreams all my life! LOL but actually, I found out that often times being "pregnant" in a dream means that you're about to have a new goal or accomplishment...epecially if you're a crazy busy person with LOTS going on at the same time! I read that in a few different books....dreams are crazy!

  2. so i think it's a good thing! :)

  3. This mom would LOVE it!!! when you're ready of course but would LOVE it!!

  4. This is a pretty interesting dream. I love your reaction to it after you woke up! Although it may not be the time right now, I am so happy you are excited to have kids! They are the best!


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