Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh so crafty....

Some people really surprise me- In a good way.
I am totally shocked by some of the talents people display on their blogs.
Can I just say that every time I see those posts, I think (amongst other things...) "Wow... I wonder how much time and energy that took".
It seems as though these people have really found what their talents are. Usually, it's not that these people have just one thing they're good at. If they're good at one thing crafty, they are usually pretty amazing at all things crafty.

I remember in high school there were always those girls that were not only pretty, but also amazing at every sport, and did really well in school. I could play sports (at least I like to think I could), but I was always a little on the mediocre side. Never bad enough to be an embarrassment, but definitely not amazing. Dad always said he wanted us Moses girls to be well-rounded girls, but now I'm starting to think that he just had us in a bunch of different stuff to see if we could be amazing at anything.

I don't mean to have a pity party (Somebody get the streamers!), but it makes me wonder why I haven't found my talent(s) yet.
I do like to think I have at least one talent. I have always been pretty good at cooking (at least that's what I'm told... probably so that others don't have to cook...), but I like to think I have more of a talent than just making my husband and I's stomachs expand.

I've decided that since that whole pro-athlete thing or my dream of being a doctor/model (not a model who models as a doctor) doesn't seem to be working out.. I'm just going to keep dabbling until I find my true talents.
Sound like a plan, Stan?

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