Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What a sham!

So here I was... super excited because my emailed popped up and it said "Jenny Lake Job Interview".
I thought "Yes, my time has come!" No more feeling like a lame-o, because my previous job experience is lacking.
My experience (that I am the least ashamed of) has consisted of being a TA for Intro to Psych @ BYU in 2010. Then there's the huge gap in years which brings us to 2007 when I worked at a tanning salon and even a floor model for Hollister in 2006 (Oh, the shameful years!)
I have volunteered a great deal, mind you, at some wonderful places such as the Utah State Hospital, Provo Care Center, Peru... 

Still... my resume doesn't show much paid work experience.

Anyway... back to the story.

So I was beyond excited.
I come home to tell David my exciting news. 
He was inside the kitchen unloading the dishwasher (I have to throw this in because I am SUPER proud and I really hate unloading the dishwasher). 
I greeted him and said, "Wait... I think I have some exciting news". In which he responds by saying, "Oh, I guess you didn't see my email". (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I forwarded the email to David on my phone.)

He didn't sound as excited as I did. 
Not good...
So it turns out it could possibly be a scam.

There was no contact information, no company name to be seen, and they wanted me to respond back by email if I was interested. Plus... I don't think I even applied (Obviously, since there wasn't even a company name anywhere in the email). 

All this means I'm still jobless.

Why do people do stuff like this?

It's lame I tell you! Lame!

These people basically scoffed in my face (no! They spit in it!) and said, "Ha! You thought you were going to have a job interview, but nope! Instead, our hope is to steal all your information and rob you blind.)
Not nice, people! 


I just looked up the woman's name who supposedly signed the email and the first thing that popped up said to beware of this person because it is a scam.

Also, the entire email that I received was on the website that popped up.

Thank you, skeptical husband!


  1. That is so lame. I am glad you found out it was a scam before you sent them any information!

  2. Oh no! I was hoping that it was the real deal. Also... I was a floor model at Hollister during my Freshman year of college. Haha, wow.


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