Friday, March 25, 2011

Crazy or Inspired???

You be the judge!


  1. When my daughter was two, her brother was a newborn. She had to take her doll every where and be "just like mom." We were at the store one day and I told her that she could take the doll in, but not the bottle because I didn't want to lose it. So she said that's okay and lifted up her shirt and put the baby there to "eat." So we had to have the talk that her doll would not be hungry while we were at the store and she could feed her the bottle when we got back to the car! So it is not something that needs to be taught. If you breastfeed they are totally aware. But I didn't let my 2 year old practice breast feeding! Especially in public! Dolls get bottles. Plus her doll cost less than $10, not $99!


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