Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sew in need of advice

*Don't you just love the pun?*

Yeah, it was lame. Sorry.

So I am asking for a sewing machine for my birthday (which is in a little less than 2 months).

It sounds great, right?

Not great.

I don't know that much about sewing machines, or sewing for that matter. 

Does anybody know a good sewing machine brand or where I could find a good machine?
I'm thinking in the $200-$350 range.
I'm not sure if that is good or not, either. haha.

Basically... I just need help.



  1. I got this one from Costco for my mom a while ago and she likes it. It's pretty basic but still seems like a quality one. I use it and I used to always mess up her other machine. So far I haven't damaged this one so that's a good sign! I hear Brother machines are good...

  2. Hey Jenny. For Christmas in 2009, my mom got me a Brother basic sewing machine. It was like $100-150, but it is really good for a starter machine. My SIL, who is an awesome seamstress, said it's a pretty good machine and brand. (It's nothing fancy, though!)

  3. Thanks ladies! It seems like the consensus is a Brother sewing machine. I've seen some that I'm pretty interested in just from the research that I've done and what I've been told about.

    I appreciate it! :)


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