Friday, February 18, 2011

Funny Friday

This has been an interesting day. 
I had to get up early this morning and go to a meeting on campus with the faculty.
The first part of the morning consisted of some interesting light rail moments.
One was of this guy asking if he can give me 50 cents to use my phone.
I seriously considered it for about 3 seconds and decided against it.
The social worker/Mormon in me told me I should just let him use it.
My reasoning decided against it. 
I just imagined him not only NOT giving me the 50 cents as promised, but also running away with my phone.
Either that, or I would have some stranger walking around with my cell phone number.
Either way, the answer was no. Or.. "um.. I'm not sure....."
I didn't even have the courage to say no.
I felt extremely guilty.
But the fear of losing my phone outweighed my guilt.
I know. I'm horrible. 

Then, when I got on the light rail, I got the wonderful opportunity to listen to an awesome conversation about marijuana and how it should be legalized.
This conversation was between a guy who was wearing a button-up shirt and slacks and a guy who looked like he had fried his brain beyond repair.

The dressy guy was trying to give advice to the fried guy about how it's okay that he smokes weed as long as he doesn't let his life go into a downward spiral as this other guy did and died from it-
"Because smoking weed won't kill you. It's the downward spiral." 

OF COURSE! That makes total sense.

Then I headed out to the faculty meeting. 
I felt pretty cool at first because I was able to go as Jenny Lake, MSW Foundation Student Representative. I was the only student there and soon realized that I should not feel cool because I am a lowly student amongst a bunch of faculty.
It was still fun, though.

Today I am:

Reading for class
Making homemade pizza :)
working out (blehhhhh)
Doing some cleaning (heh...maybe)
Going to Youth Conference with David to help out with games

aaaand.. I think that's about it.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!!

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