Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You're a cheap date!

David and I seem to have a knack for finding cheap dates.
Some of you may laugh and think "wow.. how sad!" 
I actually pride myself on finding cheap deals these days.
I definitely wasn't like that when I was younger, but I have since seen the error in my ways.

Yesterday I had prepared a simple meal of enchiladas and black beans.
We are pretty low on groceries so there weren't too many options for dinner, plus we technically celebrated Valentine's on Saturday at PF Chang's (LOVE that place).

As soon as I said that dinner was ready I heard, "Oh no, I wish I would have seen this earlier."
Turns out that Chipotle was having a 2 for 1 special at Tempe Marketplace.
I immediately said that we should go.
I love their tacos!
People always say how great the burritos are, but the tacos are definitely good, too!

So long story short (It's not really a long story. David made fun of me for saying that it was a long story. Oh well.. I'm sticking to it!), we left dinner at home and headed to Chipotle.
It was yummy. 
Then we headed over to Mojo and got some free yogurt.
Also yummy.

We weren't even going to go out to dinner, but deals just seem to follow us.
After dessert, we watched some t.v. and just spent the rest of the afternoon together. 

Super great day!

It was nice that David and I were able to get all of our work done that we needed to finish for the day and then be able to spend some time together.
It seems like life just gets too hectic sometimes so when we actually have an "excuse" to spend some time together, we try to take advantage of it. 

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