Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday night date night!

Last night was a lot of fun, as always! 
- It was also free, which is awesome!

We had pasta for dinner and I tried to make calzones out of homemade pizza dough that has been in our fridge for 5 days or so.
Oh my goodness! We opened the bag and the scent of alcohol almost knocked us out!

David and I are not drinkers so we weren't sure if it was okay to eat or not. We'd hate to be in trouble with the church or anything, haha. 
I thought it through and came to the conclusion that it would be okay to cook the dough because people cook with alcohol all the time and the alcohol actually comes out. 

I think the alcoholyness came out, but the taste definitely remained!
The pizza tasted really good, but every now and then you would get this really strange and pungent taste that almost stung the nostrils.

After dinner we hiked A Mountain.
It was a nice little hike and a whole lot easier than climbing Y mountain at BYU -That is for sure!

We arrived to the top and beheld the beautiful view below us and the not so beautiful smell of weed beside us. That's right. Some kids were smoking weed at the top of the mountain. 
We just sat up at the top a little ways away from them and tried to pretend they weren't there, but I could feel their stares. 

After the hike we headed to Mojo and partook in some free yogurt. We filled up our whole stamp card so we got some free yogurt! 
mmhh, I love yogurt!

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