Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fantastic weekend!

This weekend was just lovely.
I did nothing for school and I loved it.
I gave myself a haircut.
I talked to my family on the phone.
I watched some really dumb movies.
I did my nails.
I did a little cleaning.
We had dinner with David's family, dessert with David's family, and then a going away dessert get-together with our married friends from church. It was a great night! We laughed. We ate until we couldn't breathe. We even stayed out past 11! GASP!

I sure am sad to see our friends leave, though. 
We are taking resumes for any couples that want to join our married friends group, hehe. 
Just kidding.
Sort of. 

Tomorrow brings another exciting week. Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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  1. sounds like a good weekend. out past 11?!?!...thats pretty wild. were usually asleep by like 10 and if we're not, we're in bed wasting time we could be sleeping on the computer haha.


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