Monday, February 28, 2011

Feeling productive!

Although I am in class, I have already applied to two jobs!
I know I should be listening, but I am trying to use my time wisely. haha. 
Job applications take a really long time to fill out. 
Also, it was confusing because it was asking where all I have lived in the last 7 years. That is a lot to ask from someone who lived in 3 different places in Utah in just 3 years. I cannot seem to remember any of my last addresses. Oops!

In other news!
I have hiccups that won't seem to go away. Ever had those? It's a total pain. 

Anyway. This post is pointless, as are most of my posts. Sorry! I will try to make my life more exciting. 

To get me started....any ideas? 

*Update* I think my hiccups just went away! Awesomeness!

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