Monday, February 21, 2011

Another weird mood day

Today, my mood isn't the same as the weird one I had last night.

This one is more of a "why do I have to be here when it's President's Day and everyone else in the whole United States has it off but ASU?" kind of mood. 

I am also REALLY exhausted!

What's up with me these days?

Is it because I feel like I haven't seen the sun in a week or something?

In fact, I really do think that's it! 
Wow. I totally just figured it out. 
mystery solved.


  1. Sam had school today. Cornell hates holidays. All of them. He will be on campus until after 10 tonight. Also, it is 8 degrees right now and the sun is never out. So be happy! You've got it good!

  2. Sorry you had to go to school. My nephew had to go to school in Texas in elementary school because they had a snow day earlier in the year. Don't know if you work directly with kids at your internship, but I got mono from a child I was working with when I was first married. Made Eric very suspicious that I got the "kissing disease" right after getting married! But it started out with being very tired, listless, brain didn't work, hard to get motivated, then moved on from there. But then when I got pregnant the first time I was sure I had mono again. Nope just pregnant in my first trimester! Good thing the sun will be here soon in AZ and you are two months down in the semester. You can do it!


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