Friday, December 31, 2010

Painting time :)

I love painting! I think it really makes a home feel homier
 It feels so great to just be able to decorate and make changes. I get tired of everything being beige.
I love variety! I love color! 
Earlier this week the Lakes went red in the kitchen. 

Check out our wonderful painting job!

Before: (please excuse the laundry, haha)


Now we're off to paint our bedroom a nice sky blue color. 


  1. I love the red! My old room had one wall painted the same color and I miss it! Go Lakes! P.S. I still need to meet the mister of the house and I need to introduce you to Landon too.

  2. Thanks ladies! It really adds so much to our kitchen.

    Amy: For sure! Sounds good! We'll have to have you guys over for dinner sometime or something. Maybe we'll make some gluten-free pizza?

  3. Yum! That would be amaze! (As opposed to amazING) Lol!


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