Saturday, December 11, 2010

I guess it's all just a part of being old...

Ever look at old pictures of yourself and think "HOLY CRAP! Why did I ever complain about my skin, weight, hair, legs, etc.?"?

Yeah. I've never felt that way either...

Kinda makes you want to punch that young, whiney teenager-y version of yourself in the jugular and throw them off a bridge. 

 But oh yeah.. I've never felt that way... and that's just not normal anyway, right?

Yeah, of course not. 

Time to kick it into gear. It's time to peel myself off the bed where I seem to do everything from crafts, "crunches", and of course t.v. watching to eating cereal and writing papers. 

This break, I'm going to take advantage of my extra time and get myself into something that relatively resembles "being in shape".

And all this will be begin next week. Definitely not today. Today I need to prepare myself for all the hard work I'm going to be doing during the rest of my break. 

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