Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas is cominggggg!

I can't believe Christmas is so close! Where did the time go? I can't believe it :)
This last weekend D and I bought our FIRST fake Christmas tree. haha. 
I can't say it is our first Christmas tree, but we felt like adults for buying our first fake tree.

I felt like the worst social worker ever. 
We thought it'd be cheaper to buy a real tree first and then buy a fake one after Christmas is over for the upcoming years. 
We were in Arcadia when we came across a place where they were selling real trees.
We found some really nice trees and if we bought one, we'd be helping to give dinner to the homeless. The only thing was, we'd be paying more money. 
We got the idea to walk to Target and see what they had in artificial trees, just in case.
Turns out, we got a really great deal on a display tree. It was just a little more than a real tree and it'd be an investment for years to come. 
We just couldn't pass this deal up. 
I still feel so bad, though. I am supposed to be a social worker and I passed helping the homeless. The thing is, David and I are poor. We justified our guilty by saying that one day, when we've made our millions, we'll buy the whole tree farm and help tons of homeless people and then give the trees away to our friends and family. 
Until then... our feelings of guilt and shame remain. 

Enjoy some pictures of our tree!

I love my little bird

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