Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 1 of break=boredom!

I know it's horrible to say that I'm bored, but seriously.. I am!
Today I have:
showered/practiced my hygiene skills.
ate breakfast.
went to the temple with D. 
ate at the temple cafeteria for the first time (wasn't surprised by the good food b/c everything at the temple=awesome).
ate some of david's b-day candy.
came home and took an UH-MAZING (amazing) 2-hour nap.
woke up having dreams about spongebob and some cartoon dog and realized that I had nickelodeon on the t.v.
felt like poop for a few minutes b/c I took WAY too long of a nap.
ate some more of david's b-day candy.
fought david about how I was going to keep eating more of his candy.
cleaned the bathroom.
read some of my new favorite blog.
listened to david complain about how he has to load a $200 Windows 7 software cd onto his Mac laptop in order to take his law school finals- which is totally SACRILEGIOUS! NOBODY should put windows software onto a Mac! 
ate some more candy.
did some research on my last paper topic. This consisted of opening 3 tabs with some websites that could possibly be relevant to my subject. I'm not really sure, I didn't read them. I decided that was enough research for the day..
started feeling chubby and decided to start a workout video that I stole from my mom. (Sorry, mom). I got bored with marching in place and decided to start working out with Billy Blank's Tae Bo Live tape. After about 5 minutes I got bored again and decided that was enough of a workout for the day.
started dinner.
finished dinner.
ate some more candy.
and here I am. 

In reading this, I have decided that although there appears to be a lot of writing at the top of this sentence, I have actually been very unproductive today and that the only things I have successfully done is clean the bathroom and probably gain like 2 pounds from all the candy I have eaten today. 

I am going to make a list of things to do during this break:
1) clean this house a couple of times
2) paint some of the rooms in the house w/ david.
3) start and finish my policy paper.
4) go to see the zoo lights w/ david. 
5) work REALLY hard on my church calling because i feel like a suckyslackerloserface.
6) go to the gym and get super buff (just kidding. I'm already super buff).
7) wash my car?
8) have my family over and show them how uh-mazing Arizona is.
9) buy a Christmas tree.
10) try to beautify our home with Christmas decorations
11) get myself back on a spiritual regimen. 
12) give myself a makeover.
13) ride my back at least 3 times a week.
14) go see the Mesa temple lights with my wonderful husband.
15) give myself a haircut.

To some, this may look like a terribly weak and horrible list, but I know that you won't think that when you see it. It's basically the best list ever made.
feel free to tell me so in your most flattering words.



  1. The temple has a cafeteria?! That's it, I'm converting! Lol!

  2. haha, don't tempt us! I almost called the missionaries on you! haha. kidding. :)

    it totally blew my mind when David told me. It was so well hidden, I had no idea! I mean.. I've heard about some of the temples having a cafeteria, but I've never actually seen one, until yesterday that is!


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