Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boredom in class

While being bored in class, I decided to reflect on my life. 
This weekend is David's birthday, which I have to admit always makes me freak out a little bit because I really want it to be a special occasion. This year, however, David is also freaking out because it will be his 25th birthday, which means he will need a walker soon (j/k, Love you D). 

But when I think about it, I kinda like the idea of getting older. I feel like David and I have been through so much together already. We've:
Witnessed my parents get married in the temple and my family sealed for all time and eternity.
Flipped an ATV (sorry, David).
Left the country together. 
Moved into our first apartment.
Bought a car. 
Graduated from college.
Moved out of our first apartment.
Applied to grad/law schools together.
Got in some grad/law schools together.
Taught Sunday School together. 
Got into our first accident. (Not our fault)
Bought a condo.
Moved to AZ.
 Started grad/law school.
Said "goodbye" to a family member.
Said "hello" to a new one.
First Christmas together. 
Traveled from TX to AZ in one day. (Don't recommend it)
Witnessed my sister get married in the temple.
Traveled the east coast. 
Bought our first pets.
Flushed 2/3 of our first pets. 
Sent a brother on a mission only to welcome him back 3 weeks later, then send him off again 8 weeks after that. 
Went to our first HOA meeting. 

I'd say we've done a lot and we've only been married 1 year and 3 months and you can be certain that we will be doing a whole lot more before the year is through!

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  1. wow, all of that makes me tired. Cute new background!


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