Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fun with friends in the fall :)

This weekend was pretty interesting! We had the "sleepover of awkwardness" which was uh-mazing and of course, there was stake conference :)

Friday night, four of us couples stayed at the night at the Hyatt in Tempe, which happens to be about a block away from our condo. We had originally planned to go camping this weekend, but as it turns out Ashlee's brother's meeting got cancelled and he couldn't get a refund. This meant there was going to be an empty hotel room that wasn't going to be used. SO, instead of sleeping outside where it was going to be like 30 degrees, we got to stay inside in a nice hotel room, eat pizza, hike Papago park at night, and then have free breakfast in the morning. It was a night of laughter and fun... and awkwardness, but we loved it! :)

Then Saturday was David's dad's birthday (Greg for short), the temple groundbreaking ceremony, and Stake Conference. We did some celebrating at The Outback, which was yummy, and then headed over to watch stake conference. We missed out on the temple groundbreaking, but today we were able to visit the site.  Isn't it beautiful?? Haha. It WILL be one day when the temple is actually on it.


  1. Jenny, I just found your blog!

    Hahaha... sleepover of awkwardness! So true! It was pretty fun, though!

  2. Kieren! You totally did! This means I just found your blog, too!

    It definitely was! I have never done that before, especially with people that I don't know that well. Very interesting to say the least, but fun!


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