Monday, April 25, 2011

The madness is coming to an end

(I hope!)

I just recently got a job. Hurray! 
Or... at least it should be. 
I somehow manage to freak myself out. 
Here I was praying for this job and as soon as I got the good news, I decided to give myself a whopping dose of doubt and anxiety.  "What about this?" "What if I am not prepared or qualified?" "What if I do this and get fired?"

Then I gave myself more anxiety by completely procrastinating my assignments, most of which turned out to be due on the last 2 weeks of class.

Fortunately, as usual, things are working out.
I think that's something I have yet to learn. although this has happened to me over and over again.
Things always seem to work out.
How beautiful is that?
I'd say pretty dang beautiful!

 I start training tomorrow.
Scary! But exciting, too!

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