Monday, March 14, 2011

Vegas Vacation

David and I had quite the trip this last weekend.
It started off badly, but it definitely got better.

First, we were stuck in traffic for over an hour and a half when it wasn't even rush hour.
We listened to the BYU vs NM game on the way to Vegas, which was awesome. I have never really enjoyed listening to sports, but this game was really intense! 
When we finally arrived in Vegas, we headed over to the UNLV Thomas and Mack arena to see if we could buy tickets. To our disappointment, the tickets were sold out for the next day's game even after we drove around the block several times trying to find a parking spot. 

Disappointed and tired from the trip, we headed over to The Tuscany Hotel where we had an amazing deal from Expedia.  It turns out there was some confusion over our reservation and we were going to be charged a lot more than we had planned. Unfortunately for us, we were given an inhospitable,  unapologetic employee to work with. I like to call him DB. (Some of you may know what that stands for :) )
Anyway, this meant we had to find a new hotel to stay at for the next night. 

After that disappointment, we hung out with David's mission friend, Keros, and some of his friends. We had dinner and went to The Pinball Hall of Fame. 
The place was alive with all the lights and sounds of all the pinball machines. I've never been that interested in pinball games, but they had some really interesting ones. 

This clown was SO creepy!.. but aren't all clowns? 

(For a second, I could've sworn his head moved!)

On our second night we stayed at this Terrible place (hehe, kidding! It wasn't terrible at all. We were actually pretty impressed.)

On Saturday David found an amazing deal on Craig's List, which meant that we could totally go to the game!!

Sadly... the game did not go as we had hoped. 

But we still had fun!

After the game we walked down the strip and ate at this place called I Love Burgers.
Oh. my. goodness!

It was so yummy!

This was the only thing that could change my horrible mood after such a sucky game, extreme hunger, and the bad feelings the strip gives me. 
I hate those disgusting cards they try to shove in people's faces as they walk past, especially when they try and shove them in my husband's face. 
That's something I will not stand for. 

after dinner we watched the water show in front of the Bellagio

and headed back to our hotel because we were swamped! 
We walked over 11 miles!
The fitbit does not lie.

Here are a few more pictures

All in all.. it was a good trip! SO happy to be back home though where life is more sane. 

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