Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3 years to the date!

Today is our 3 year anniversary of our very first date.
I can't believe we've known each other that long!

We've come so far from the two shy and quiet people we once were.
Well... we still may be a little quiet and shy at times, but definitely not when it's just us.

We've been on hundreds of dates since then (thousands may be an exaggeration, but it's pretty close!)
but I will never regret my decision to ask D out on our very first date (which he said he couldn't do because he was at his parents' place in Park City, but then quickly asked me out for the next available day).


  1. Oh man. That means it's almost been 3 years since London--I still remember David talking about you and hoping something would happen in the fall :)

  2. I cannot believe its been that long!!! wow!!! Thats crazy!! High five to you guys!


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