Thursday, March 31, 2011

The adventures of a CPS intern

So my life these days has been pretty uneventful- as evidenced by my boring blog posts.
Until today.

As Amy (my fellow partner in crime), Julie ( my field instructor), and I were on a way to a CFT(a Child Family Team mtg.) we were rearended by an extremely scary dude who seemed be, as Julie says, a "tweaker". We were in a state of shock for a moment, as we watched the man behind us angrily bang his hands on his steering wheel and repeatedly yell explicitives to himself. We decided it was best not to leave the car. He then drove up beside us asking us to move our car out of the way. We wanted to wait for the police so we stayed where we were, which may or may not have been in the way. After some time of waiting, the man who hit us stated that he "didn't have time for this", in which case Amy stated that no one has time for this(a pretty valid comment if you ask me). He then told us that he was going to "move his car to the next street". Something told me he wasn't coming back. Next thing I know, I hear his engine speed up and he was gone. I could give you a better impression if I could tell the story in person.

It was pretty crazy!
Everyone is okay, though.


  1. I love how you told the story. More interesting than my version!

  2. Oh my gosh!! Did you get his license plate??

  3. Wow! Some people! Hope you guys got his information/can find him! Well, not YOU, but the police! Yikes! xoxo

  4. Some people are crazy! glad you were all okay! Thanks for stopping by House of C & P.


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