Friday, February 4, 2011

Some thoughts of the day...

So far I have....

cleaned the kitchen (even put the oven on self clean- boy, I sure hate the smell it gives off!).
cleaned our grosso microwave.
folded several weeks worth of laundry.
cleaned the bathrooms.
fixed a lamp and then killed it. 
gotten my Zumba on.
prepared some of the sauces for tonight's pizza night.
laughed at my horrible Ben Stein impression. Apparently I gave him a Texan accent. 
successfully avoided doing any homework.
complained to D that I want more house decorations.
complained to D about how much I HATE doing laundry.
unsuccessfully convinced D to buy me a maid when we make our billions. ( A million just doesn't cut it these days.)

I still have so much more cleaning to do.
Note: Don't let your house stay dirty for weeks at a time and then decide to invite a bunch of friends over. 
Note #2: More house means more cleaning. Gag.

The good news:
It's Friday and what a beautiful day it is!!



  1. haha yes.....sounds veryyyy familiar!;) it's hard when you're BOTH never home...still trying to figure that out haha.

    where in Tempe are you! we live down by ASU (like by the Alameda building...) i can't believe we live so close! we'll have to meet up or something!

  2. Oh I know! I'm glad David isn't used to have a super clean house- or at least doesn't care. haha
    We live on Rio Salado and 1st street. Oh yeah, Alameda is our stake building! Yes! We definitely should :)


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