Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Count your blessings

Lately (today) I have realized the blessing of having a sense of taste. 
No, I don't mean a sense of style. I'm not sure if I can really say I've been blessed with that.
I'm actually talking about one of the 5 senses (I believe there's 5, unless you can see dead people). 
Today I am sick. I have a horrible cold. It's ridiculous because I rarely get sick. 
 I made some spicy szechuan eggplant stir-fry stuff for dinner and I can't even taste it!
I took so much time marinating the meet and picking out certain spices and sauces and I can't even taste the stuff!
Well... I guess I tasted a little. It was only a small hint of flavor, which instead was kind of a tease because I couldn't even get the full effect. 
It's tragic, really.

This experience has made me realize how blessed I am (on normal days) to be able to taste food. Although there have been some experiences where I wished I could turn it off temporarily, I really am grateful for the ability to taste things. 
I mean... there is some REALLY amazing food out there. Am I right or am I right? 

Speaking of food. Check out this awesomeness we made the other night. 
(Please excuse the photography. I used my cellphone camera b/c my camera battery is dead. It was actually better than it looks. Maybe I shouldn't have taken a picture? Oh well.. )

Good. Fun. Cheap. Date night. 



  1. that sushi looks so good! the whole not-tasting-food thing happened to me for an entire week once, and it was the worst. you are so right, it's a blessing to be able to taste your food!

  2. Just saw your blog from FB...oh my freaking gosh I love it!! I really do.

    Not going to lie....not a big sushi eater but I TOTALLY appreciate the gift of taste. I hope you feel better soon! Hope you and David are doing wonderful. Where are you guys these days?

    Talk to you soon! Yay for blogging buddies!:)

  3. Oh Chaz! You're so sweet! Thank you :)
    We ARE doing pretty wonderfully-besides the whole school thing and it being SO COLD right now. It's definitely better than snow, though.
    We are in Downtown Tempe right now, which is pretty exciting I suppose. Well..as exciting as it can be for an LDS couple. hehe.

    I hope you are doing well! You'll have to update me on what you guys are doing. Although we are now blog buddies, so I could totally stalk you to find out! haha. kidding.. :)


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