Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday night date

Tonight was a great date and cheap too!
I just can't help but love those!
I also can't help but think of that Sonic commerical when the guy calls his date a "cheap date" and she says, "What?" and he yells in her ear "You're a cheap date!"
Earlier this week I picked up some coupon books from school and I have to say, I REALLY love those coupon books!

At first we took a while trying to find this place called Devils' Pizza Factory which had the charming logo of the devil with a pizza on his pitchfork and the motto "One hell of a pizza", which is actually kind of funny. This place was offering a large pizza for only $5. That's an awesome deal.  However, we were never able to find the place and instead it gave us, one H of a time. 

We decided to find another place called Gus's Pizza.. or something like that, which was actually offering an XL pizza for $5 and it was pretty yummy! It was conveniently right across the street from where we were. 


It was a ginormous pizza so we were only able to eat half of that yummy beast!
We'll have to finish that baby up for lunch tomorrow! 

After dinner, we wanted dessert so we took another coupon from our handy dandy coupon book and got a Buy One Get One Free coupon for Mojo on Mill.
I just love that place! It has actually substituted my love for ice cream. I feel healthy eating frozen yogurt, which isn't an effect I feel when I eat ice cream, although it is amazing. 

We took a walk down Mill and ate our yumminess. It was an interesting stroll to say the least. There are always so many interesting people on that street. 

The moral of the story:

Coupons are delightful. 

You should use them.

Now I'm off to watch some of our favorite t.v. show and cuddle with the hubs! 

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