Saturday, January 15, 2011

mind ramblings

What a week!
I have been running around all over and my head feels like it's going to explode!
I never want to go to the American Fork hospital ever again. That place gives me and D headaches.

I've really missed Utah, but definitely not the weather. It's so cold and WHITE! Snow can be so blinding sometimes. Now I miss Arizona and the 60 degree weather I left.

My diet has been so crappy this week. I've been eating way too much candy and I've been eating out way too much these days. It's actually affecting my energy and mood.
I can't wait to start playing my Zumba wii game again so I can get my fitbit numbers up.

I can't believe I'm starting school again next week!
school. ew.  Ah.. CPS.. ew.
I feel like I've been out of school forever. I've been on break for a month. That's kind of a long time. 
I'm going to try harder this semester. I really want a 4.0 because now that I'm out of BYU and out of the psych program, it's definitely possible. I'm so tired of school, though. 

I'm going to be more creative this year.
I asked my mom for a sewing machine for my birthday.
I really want to learn how to make my own clothes and I want them to look like I didn't make them if that makes sense. I want them to look like I bought them.

I guess I'll go see what David is up to.

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