Saturday, October 2, 2010


So this weekend David and I are babysiting David's little brother, Matthew. No, he's not a baby, he's 14. We are having great times.
worked on homework
ate wings from Barro's (super yum)
had smoothies from QT (double super yum). I recommend the Butterfinger flavor.
bought groceries from Fry's
watched Heavy Weights on David's laptop.
watched conference on the laptop (missed the first half b/c of bad streaming).
ate tacos and salads
watched some more conference
went to David's parents' house
ate pasta infested with bugs. YUM!
cleaned our mess

researched what "necking" and "petting" mean and then David and I rubbed each other's necks (NECKING) and petted the animals (PETTING).
watched Matthew make fun of us on Powerpoint
did more homework.
listened to Matthew complain about being bored.

To be continued...

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