Monday, September 27, 2010

ASU Weekend

I'd like to take this opportunity during my break between classes, when I should be working on papers, to write on my blog.
I feel like this weekend went by so quickly! It makes me sad because I don't know about you, but I LOVE the weekend! I get so tired of my classes and my internship. Yes, I know I should be grateful to even have the opportunity, and I am. Life just wears you down sometimes so it's nice to have time to just wind down and spend it with your sweet spouse.

So this weekend was pretty busy. Friday, David and I went to his dodgeball tournament for the law school. It was kinda cool to see some of my stereotypes get broken and some people get hit with some really hard dodgeballs, which is always fun.   I must add that David didn't get hit once and actually did pretty good out there! It always makes me proud to see that my husband is athletic and competitive. I still claim that I'm the jock of the family, haha. (Love you, David!)

Saturday was basically filled with going to a JRCLS tailgate dinner and then the ASU game against Oregon. Although the conversation was stimulating and the barbeque was yummy, I still felt a little out of place.

After the tailgate dinner we headed to the ASU game. Although I am a fan of sports (when it comes to actually playing them) I found the second half of this game to be pretty unbearable. My backside was hurting from the horribly uncomfortable bleachers, I was starving from sitting there for 4 hours, I have the attention span of 10 year old, and to David's astonishment- I have very little understanding when it comes to the rules of the game.  Yes, I know... however, in my defense I must say that one can easily be a cheerleader and have no idea what is going on during the game. I cheered when our team passed the goal line and yelled "1st and 10, do it again. Go-Buffs-Go!" when I was told to. That's basically the extent of my knowledge.

Pretty impressive, right?!

Poor David. I was not very pleasant during the second half of the game. Because I couldn't understand what was going on, I had no other choice but watch the Oregon cheerleaders in front of us. This was pretty irritating because they were pretty scandalously clad and their dancing wasn't very appropriate either, not to mention the fact that they had perfectly tanned (and toned) bodies. Girls like that shouldn't be allowed outside because they make other girls like me look bad. That's just my opinion on the subject.
David eventually caught on that I had no idea what was going on during the game and tried to teach me. He's cute like that. He always tries to find opportunities to teach me something, which I think is one of the many great qualities that my husband has. 

We decided to leave the game early because we could see that the game wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Boy am I grateful for that! I honestly could not stand to sit there for another minute!
Afterward, we went and got ice cold drinks from QT (love that place).

Then we went home to find our house smelling like something died (still don't know what smells so bad), watched some t.v. and went to bed.


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  2. I'm glad you claim publicly that my need to teach is an endearing quality, even when I talk about Keynesian economics like tonight...


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